About the Artist

Dynamic energy and vibrant color are the consistent elements among the diverse styles of Paula Brody’s paintings.  Paula’s deep connection to nature’s beauty is the inspiration for her joyous florals and multi-textured abstracts.  Her mixed media collages combine acrylics, watercolor, inks, oil pastels, fibers, fabric and found objects.  Paula’s three-dimensional paper sculptures are unique to her style of painting papers which are then torn and reassembled.  These “Brodage Collages” have won several awards in juried shows.

When not in her studio painting, Paula can be found sublimely tending her Cape Cod gardens.  “In the summer, my garden becomes my palette and in the winter, my palette becomes my garden,” she notes as she speaks to the wide array of colors combined in her gardens and her abstract florals.

Living by the water during summers on the Cape and winters in Naples, Florida, Paula is fascinated by the changing colors, patterns and reflections in water, clouds and sky.  Paula focuses on the joyous process of painting, often letting her exuberant paintings simply emerge from the canvas through the fluid flow of her energy.

From her own experience as an artist without formal art training, Paula Brody believes that everyone has artistic talents often hidden within them just waiting for expression.  Paula teaches day-long workshops entitled, “Creation and Creativity:  Discover Your Own Inner Artist”, offering new artists a playful and experimental way to discover the surprises that emerge from an introduction to various media and techniques.  Paula also teaches Basic Beading and Necklace Design.

Paula Brody’s work can be viewed at Inspirations Artists & Design Gallery, 5450B Shirley Street in Naples.

Contact Paula Brody at paulabrody@me.com for commissions and more information.