How to Beat the Irish Water Charges

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Domestic water charges are set to be introduced in the final quarter of 2014 and customers can expect to receive their first bill in early 2015. Most homes are expected to be charged on average €240 yearly for water consumption.

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Three types of water bills

There will be two types of water charges for households while commercial businesses will be charged a flat rate.

Domestic water charges 

Households will be charged on a pay per use basis or a Metered Bill, or at a flat rate or an Unmetered Bill. For Metered Bill households, charges will be based on the volume of water supplied as measured by the installed meter. The rates for Metered Bills have yet to be disclosed. Where households do not have a meter installed, charges will be based on the type of building and the typical water use in the area.

Commercial water charges

For commercial premises, payments for water will have to be made to the local authority. There are no minimum charge set out for commercial premises, however charges will be based on estimates of how much water will be used by that business. For example, shops will be expected to pay less than, a hairdressing salon or a restaurant, as the latter would use more water.

How to reduce water consumption

For domestic and for business premises owners there are a number of ways that water could be conserved to save money on water bills. 

Fix leaks

One of the best ways to start saving water is to inspect taps to see if there are any leaks or drips. A dripping tap can cost litres of water per day if not fixed. This would be a concern for those who will be charged based on a metered basis. Similarly toilets and showers are prone to drips and leaks over time as washers become worn. To have a thorough check of your pipes and taps in your home it is best to contact your local plumber to arrange an inspection.

Install a rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater harvesting systems can be installed into homes and commercial premises to collect water from rain to use for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering the garden and for washing the car. This system works by collecting water from gutters into a filtered tank. Water from this tank can then be piped into your house or building to toilets, washing machines and to garden taps.

Air to water heat pumps

Air to water heat pumps can save on both water consumption and on heating bills. Air to water heat pumps condense air into water providing an efficient heated water supply. This solution can be used for new builds and for retro fit applications. An air to water heat pump is an effective solution for businesses that consume large quantities of water. We supply and install air to water heat pumps throughout Ireland. Contact us today on 086 8517 555 for more information.

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