Save Money on Irish Water Charges With A Rainwater Harvesting System

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Installing rainwater harvesting systems in new builds and renovations can save you money, particularly with the introduction of Irish water charges. Not only will this system save you money, but it is also friendly to our environment.


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Rainwater storage systems can be installed above ground level, however, the tanks are most commonly installed underground.

How Do They Work?

These systems work by collecting rainwater from your guttering and filtering it to a tank for recyclable use. All debris and dirt following the filtering process will be washed to a soakway or sewer. This water is then piped from the tank directly into your home or external tap. The pump intake is placed just below the surface and therefore it is up-taking the cleanest water from the surface.

Rainwater provided by these systems can be used for numerous water reliant activites that will set your water charges at high rates, for example, flushing toilets, washing cards and maintaining garden lawns. These systems are also frequently installed for work environments and large buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices and commercial premises.

How Much Water Will This System Collect?

The total amount of rainwater collected depends on the amount of rainfall where you live and the angle of your roof structure. However, the amount has been averaged at 100,000 litres per household and much more of an intake for commercial builds with large sloped roofs. 

What are The Benefits?

Water is an essential in life; it is used on a daily basis through a wide range of activities as mentioned above. Installing a harvesting system ensures peace of mind that water rates and charges are kept at a minimum in your household.

We have shortlisted a few benefits below:

  • Save money by keeping water rates low.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Rainwater can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
  • Water will be available in your household should a hosepipe ban occur.

How Much Can Be Saved?

Depending on the rate of usage, it has been estimated that installing a rainwater harvesting system can save up to 50% of treated drinking water from the mains and up to 80% in commercial builds.

Overall, installing this system is said to save 50% for the domestic user and 80% for business use. As these percentages may not be accurate, it is advised to use a water metre to identify the difference between using mains and harvesting systems.

Do I Need To Maintain The System?

The internal filter of a rainwater harvesting system should be washed once every 4 months. Other components, such as the float and pump, have long life spans and therefore, the harvesting system should require little maintenance.

For more information on rainwater harvesting and on installing these systems contact us on 0868517555.

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