Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Are you looking to save money on water bills

We supply and install rainwater harvesting systems throughout Ireland. Our rainwater systems can be fitted in new builds and in existing dwellings.

Rainwater Water systems

We stock leading brands of rainwater harvesting systems which consists of a filtered tank to collect rainwater and a pump, which provides a supply of FREE water back into your home.

Who can use these systems?

Rainwater systems can be used for:


Residential owners can benefit from collecting rainwater from gutters around their dwellings. Rainwater can be used in many ways including washing machines, flushing toilets, and for use in the garden.


Rainwater can be used by farmers for washing yards, dairy equipment and machinery.


Rainwater harvesting systems can be used for commercial activities involving the use of high volumes of water such as, laundry services, car washes etc.

What are the benefits of these systems?

  • The system treats water to provide users with drinking water from harvested rain.
  • Easy installation in new and existing buildings.
  • It has a low running cost and is virtually maintenance free.
  • Saves you money on the water charges.

For More Information

For more information on rainwater harvesting systems or for a free quotation, contact us today on 0868517555Alternatively, fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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